Plans & Pricing

Brand Perception Analysis

$89 per month/billed monthly (Billed annual: $1,068)

Includes all features listed below.


Enterprise Plan

If you are an enterprise customer, needing multiple account access, please contact E2Excel for custom pricing tailored to meet your needs.


Get all of the insight that you small to medium sized business needs in one place on one easy to use dashboard

Our Brand Analysis Plan offers individual users and small businesses the ability to conduct AI driven real-time surveys via mobile apps and web portal and access multiple their brand perception from multiple Social Media platforms all from E2Excel’s Brand Ambassador Platform. Our Brand Analysis Plan includes:

AI-driven Surveys:

  • Customized Survey with company’s name, logo, color palette and survey URL
  • Access to all question types: Multiple Choice, One Choice Response (Yes/No, True/False), Ranking, Scale, Open Text Response
  • Ability to include Images and Videos in your survey
  • Voice response option available
  • Delivered through mobile app and/or web portal
  • Customized customer emails
  • Conduct and unlimited number of surveys per month
  • Conduct and unlimited questions per survey
  • Receive an unlimited number of responses per survey
  • View survey responses in real-time
  • Email support
  • Multiple filters
  • Unique tagging
  • Trend data analysis
  • Customized communication emails
  • Data exports (CSV, PDF, PPT, XLS)
  • Customized variables and tagging
  • File upload
  • Public survey option

Social Media Brand Sentiment, Emotion and Geographic Analysis:

  • Brand Sentiment Analysis through:
    • Twitter (Real-time feed)
    • Twitter Historical Review (10 requests per month with upto 500 responses per request)
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
  • Compare your brand to the competition
  • Emoji Sentiment analysis
  • Define desired statistical confidence levels
  • Apply demographic filters
  • Word Clouds
  • Geographic analysis