Sports Teams

Is your team facing a decline in TV viewership or reduced attendance in the stadium? Are you looking to make a player trade, but don’t know how your fans will react? Do you want to test out new fan incentives or promotional programs? Is your franchise facing a media crisis and you need a clear, accurate picture about the opinion of your current and future plans?

E2Excel’s “Brand Ambassador™” platform eliminates these issues. In one easy- to-use dashboard, you can easily get the insight that you need in real-time.

Our platform provides the following tools:

AI-driven Surveys

Delivered via either our MyVoice™ mobile app, your mobile app or through our web portal, our realtime, online survey platform provides:

  • Multiple question formats (Single/Multiple Choice, Scaling, Ranking, Text/Open Response)
  • Image and Video options
  • Voice response dictation
  • Graphics/Analysis on responses after the survey is completed
  • Branding using your logo and color palette

Detailed AI driven data analytics

Our data analytics let you organize and filter vast amounts of data in real-time to get a clear picture of what’s happening and weighing on the minds of your fans.

Emoji Sentiment Analysis

Many people use emojis to convey how they feel. Do you know how to translate the emotions that they represent into meaningful information? Now you can with our Brand Ambassador platform. We help you aggregate fans use of emojis in social media messages and translate how prevalent the level of happiness, sadness, fear, anger and more is among your fan base.

Brand Perception Analysis

Analyze what students, parents and alumni are saying about your university on multiple social media platforms. Learn if their feelings are positive or negative.

Detailed Trend Reports

Delivered in multiple formats, our trend reports let you view results in a variety of time intervals to meet your needs.

With E2Excel’s platform, now you can easily:

  • Identify and monitor your fans opinions on a wide variety of topics such as team performance, proposed player trades, ticket prices, and more.
  • Get insight into why attendance may be down in the stadium. Test ideas to boost attendance
  • Analyze students and parents opinions about the quality of education being provided…what to they like and what would they change.
  • Get insight into how a team crisis could affect future viewership and ticket sales. Monitor how your crisis management plans are working.

To learn more about how E2Excel can provide your team with the insight that it needs to ensure a happy fan base, please contact us at or call 978-846-2659